Learn to Skydive Course - Accelerated Freefall

The AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) system is a fast track learn to skydive program to take the everyday person from never jumping to being a qualified skydiver in 8 levels (each level is one skydive). This is the course geared for complete beginners who wish to learn to skydive in a few days of instruction. No previous experience is needed and all aspects of skydiving, including equipment, lessons and the jumps are covered in our inclusive price. Skydive in Spain!


The Ground School will start your skydiving experience off with a detailed 6 to 8 hour series of lessons which cover everything you need to know for your first descent from 13,000 ft. Every further skydive comes with an additional class to help you learn new skills and prepare you for the jump.



AFF levels 1-3 will be done with 2 instructors holding onto each side of your parachute harness, helping you to learn control in freefall with total safety. By level 3 your instructors will aim to release you in freefall. This is done in such a way that enables them to fly right next to you so they can oversee your progress and take hold again at the end of the skydive. We use a series of in air signals to tune your body position and help you relax.

Whilst you may experience a 'sensory overload' on your first skydive, your freefall awareness as you progress through the course will only increase, building your confidence and increasing your enjoyment of every skydive. We use radio communication whilst you are under canopy to give you added reassurance that your instructor is never far away.

AFF levels 4-7 are completed with one instructor. You will be learning more advanced skills- like how to carry out turning maneuvers and tracking (travelling horizontally across the sky). The aim of level 7 is to demonstrate ability to look after yourself in freefall. After you have done this you will be cleared for solo skydives.


AFF level 8 is a jump from a lower altitude where you will deploy your parachute as soon as you exit the aircraft.


After your AFF course you will need to complete 10 consolidation jumps. These jumps can be completed directly after your course or on another visit and are designed "consolidate" the skills you have learnt. You are also able to complete these jumps at your home dropzone. Whilst on consolidation we offer coaching and advice to help you learn further. We have a set progression plan for these jumps and this is complimentary for all our AFF students.

AFF with Freefall Addicts allows you to become a solo skydiver in as little as three days. This is partly due to the personalized one on one instruction you will receive during your course, the fact that we issue you with your own personal equipment for the duration of your course and consolidation jumps and the detailed training and progression system we run.




Our 8 level AFF Course is run in accordance with the British Parachute Association guidelines. We have excellent links with dropzones in the UK and Ireland and we are happy to contact ex students and instructors to help you arrange jumping at your local dropzone.

For more background reading have a look at our life after AFF article which gives some helpful advice on what it is like to become a skydiver.


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