Powered Parachuting at Skydive Spain - Seville

We are happy to say Freefall Addicts are now offering in conjuction with our partners Sky Science, Powered Parachute courses at Skydive Spain.


Learn to fly a powered parachute with qualified instructors over the Seville plains.
Half parachute, half airplane, half the learning time! A pleasure trip or get qualified. Fly with the same team who did the stunts in the James Bond film, the World is Not Enough!

Skydive Spain, a dropzone close to Seville in Southern Spain. Learn to fly in sunny Andalucia within close reach of many airports. Freefall Addicts offer beginner courses in learning to fly, advanced courses to gain your licences and instructor courses so you can teach others.


See our Skydive Spain section for information about the DZ facilities - Click here


Powered parachuting in Europe is in its infancy, however in the USA this industry has grown rapidly and is now a major part of the aviation industry. This is because it is one of the safest light aircraft that is flying today- even in the unlikely event of an engine failure, you have a parachute already deployed, and one its best attributes is that your not enclosed inside a cabin.

Introduction Flights

Why not try an introductary flight and experience the freedom of flying over the fields and plains of Seville. We offer short, medium or long flights all based on your requirments. To book please contact us through our mail form and we will aim to reply as soon as possible.

Powered Parachute BFI - Full Pilots Course

The course starts with you flying as a passenger and your instructor flying as the pilot. This will enable you to be taught the basic flying principles in a safe and relaxed environment. The next stage will be with you as pilot in command while your instructor takes the passenger seat, there is no need to worry here as they can still take control from the back seat should they need to. Once you have become proficient as pilot in command it will be time for your first solo flight. After completing at least 4 hours solo flight and 25 landings, and you have shown good flying skills we will put you through a general flying test, which qualifies you as a solo pilot without further supervision.

Powered Parachute Pilot Licence Requirements are a minimum of 10 hours to include:

1. Minimum of 2 hours ground training
2. Minimum of 4 hours dual flight
3. Minimum of 4 hours solo flight
4. Minimum of 25 take offs and landings
5. Written test
6. Oral test
7. Flight test


Powered Parachute Basic Instructor Rating

Take instruction from a qualified BFI (Basic Flight Instructor). You may legally fly a two place trainer or solo to develop your flying skills so that you are competent and capable to fly a two place vehicle safely. The minimum required hours is 25 hours flying a Powered Parachute prior to starting your instruction towards being a BFI. You will take sufficient instruction from your BFI to earn his recommendation. This must be a minimum of 10 hours air and ground instruction.


Powered Parachute Basic Instructor Licence Requirements are a minimum of 100 hours to include:

1. Must have a minimum of 40 hours PIC prior to instructor training
2. Minimum of 20 hours under supervision
3. Minimum of 4 hours dual flight as instructor
4. Written test
5. Oral test
6. Flight test

Your Instructor


Your instructors are USA BFI (Basic Flight Instructor) and have been flying powered parachutes since the middle of 1998. Most of the machines and people you will be working with have been used in major fim productions such as 007 - The World is not Enough and Tomb Raider to name but a few.

The Equipment

The Blue Heron Marathon is the company's signature design and is recognized for style, luxury, and air worthiness. Custom, beautifully upholstered separate pilot and passenger seats with 3-point harness systems makes for pleasurable cross-country trips, without having to be too close to your flight companion. Contoured steering tubes allow versatility in leg positioning during flight, and the lower center of gravity tubes are curved to give the pilot more leg room and comfort during the long excursions; and the more comfortable the pilot is, the more enjoyable and more safe the ride is.

Height 6' 6"
Length 9' 8"
Width 6'1"
Empty Weight 298 lbs.
Gross Weight 850 lbs.
Maximum Payload 500 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 10 gallons Span 39' 6"
Takeoff Distance 150-200 ft. Area 500 sq. ft.
Landing Distance 150 ft. Loading 1.1 lb./sq. ft.
Max Climb Rate 900 fpm.
Cruise Speed 26-32 mph
Range 115 Miles

Engine Rotax 582 DC
65 HP
Liquid Cooled


10 Hour Pilot Course Inc aircraft Hire €1,270

Introductory Flight €45
Instruction €75 Per hour
Aircraft Hire €65 Per hour

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