Why Skydive in South Spain?


The parachute centre is located 20 minutes south of the city of Seville, renown for it’s fantastic nightlife and culture, with hundreds of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The dropzone is also in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast, both Mediterranean and Atlantic. In just a short car journey, you can find yourself stood on the beach resort of Matalascanas, famous here in Spain for it’s white sand and amazing fresh seafood restaurants.

Amazing Weather

When you start off in your parachuting career, you are restricted by safety regulations to 15 mph winds and light cloud cover, making Spain the perfect location to start skydiving. The weather in Spain is predictable, with constant sunshine and light winds- which are perfect skydiving conditions.

Let us do all the work

Let us arrange everything for you. We offer tailored packages to suit your individual needs.. You can gain an idea of cost from our prices page, but for exact costs, we can email you package prices to suit your personal requirements.


During your stay at the dropzone you will find that the bars and restaurants are very well priced. You can expect to pay 1 euro for a bottle of beer and you can get steak and chips for about 6 euros.

Student focused dropzone

Our focus is on those learning to skydive, or post AFF skydiving courses- like the FS1 course, or the Introduction to Freefly course. Whilst you are learning, your instructor’s time is dedicated to you alone.

You will not be placed second to experienced skydivers or tandem skydives. As a result you will always be able to concentrate on learning with your instructor at your own pace as you progress through your course.

Long days

Whether you want to do 3 skydives or 10 skydives in a day, the choice is up to you. The first lift of the day takes of at 9am and in the summer jumping doesn’t finish until about 9.30pm. This allows you to make the most of your time here- if you want to do as many skydives as possible- or if you would like to take a day or two away from the skydiving and explore the local area. As the evenings get longer you can take more advantage of the non skydiving activities on offer.

Open 7 days/week

The dropzone has been operating as a full time parachute centre for many years so you will never be restricted in terms of booking your holiday dates. Our aircrafts fly every single day of the year (including Christmas Day).

We are close to you

To fly from the UK you will spend no more than 2.5 hours flying. This is one of the reasons why many of our students return to fun jump or complete additional courses. Having such a short journey time allows you to arrive fresh and ready to start your course.